GMZ Consulting offers the following services

1. Strategy formulation and execution

We help organisations to formulate strategies that are based on sound understanding of the market and industry trends. In the process of helping organisations to formulate their strategic directions, we incorporate early warning systems in the strategic planning process. We do this in order to make it possible for organisations to eliminate surprises that may potentially harm their performance and profitability.Strategies that are not accompanied by clear execution plans remain good only on paper. GMZ Consulting helps organisations to execute their plans, using the most popular tools such as strategy maps and balance scorecards

2. Competitive intelligence

Business management literature is littered with stories of business failures. The majority of them did not fail because of the lack of strategy. They failed because of the incorrect strategies based on factors that were no longer relevant.

We at GMZ Consulting Services hold a belief that a strategy should always be based on the understanding of the market and the industry. When this does not happen, or when the strategy falls out of step with market realities, your company may be moving closer to being part of the statistics – another failure.

GMZ Consulting can help your company set up a competitive early warning system to enable it to identify risk, monitor risk and act on the early warnings generated by the system.

3. Market research

To succeed in business, you need to plan, and to plan successfully, you need to know. GMZ Consulting Services offers small and medium businesses an opportunity to know and understand their market, to know the market and industry trends that may have major impacts on how they do business.

4. Business planning

We help businesses to produce sound and actionable business plans. We do not only help companies to produce sound business plans, we also facilitate the execution of such plans. At GMZ Consulting we believe that business planning is absolutely nothing if not accompanied by a powerful execution plan.

5. Business process improvement

Efficiency, effectiveness and speed are words that are synonymous with successful businesses. That is what today’s business environment is demanding. When your company falls short in one of these, the chances are that you are not getting as much as you would have from it. The dangers of escalating costs and deteriorating customer service can have a huge impact on the performance of your company.

GMZ Consulting is helping businesses optimise their processes; thereby eliminate unnecessary activities that delay the delivery of the services and/or products to the market.